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  • When it comes to AED ownership, an effective Management Program to help you keep on top of your device’s all-important maintenance. [...]

  • SCA in Sports Statistics

    Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a condition which can affect anyone at any time. Even athletes who are at the peak of their physical health have an increased risk of suffering a cardiac arrest due to the heightened stress put on their heart during strenuous activity. [...]

  • The results of a survey lasting 18-years have concluded that survival from SCA reached 93% in Sports and Fitness centers equipped with an AED. [...]

  • AED Myth Busters

    Thanks to the movies, AEDs have a reputation of being a complex and dramatically used in emergency room dramas. People can be apprehensive when it comes to using them, scared of hurting the patient or even hurting themselves. [...]

  • A Sudden Cardiac Arrest or SCA is a condition which causes the heart to stop beating unexpectedly. [...]

  • The safety of children is the main concern of any parent; and when training in sports, you want to know that your child is in an environment which is safe and well-prepared for any potential occurrences which may see a student requiring medical attention. [...]