AEDs: Car Dealerships Leading the Way


Do you manage a car dealership? Are you concerned about the health of your employees and customers? Could you be doing more to educate your workforce about heart health?

Studies into heart health show sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) sufferers in the US are more likely to survive if they are administered a shock from an automated external defibrillator  (AED), rather than waiting for emergency services to arrive.

A SCA can occur at any time, even when buying or selling a car, which is why we’ve looked at North American car dealerships thinking about heart health by installing and using AEDs on their premises.

O’Brien Kia Dealership purchases AEDs after a close call in Bloomington

After an employee at a Bloomington Kia dealership collapsed and suffered an SCA while working as a car porter, management moved to train employees in CPR and purchase AEDs for their different dealerships.

When Jordan Turner collapsed as he was cleaning a car, two colleagues began CPR and rang 911, before responders from the Bloomington Fire Department took him to the nearest medical centre.

Ryan Gremore, president and general manager of the O’Brien Auto Team, took immediate action, by starting CPR training for all employees and purchasing four AEDs to be placed in the company’s four dealerships.

Gremore said: “our staff will be our own first responders if this ever happens again...if something was to happen, we’ll have trained people throughout Bloomington who will be able to perform these duties.”

Staff At Wheaton GMC Buick Cadillac Use AED To Save Colleague

North of the border, in Canada, quick-thinking employees at Wheaton GMC Buick Cadillac in Saskatoon saved the life of colleague Ted Brown using an AED after he suffered an SCA.

As soon as the 65-year old showed signs he had suffered SCA, his colleagues immediately started CPR and used an AED, while also calling 911 to alert the emergency services who then took him to the ER.

Luckily for Ted, one employee was trained in using an AED, although she had previously never used it.

Ted's wife, Brenda, thanked the staff at the car dealership, saying: "I'm thankful to Wheaton's and to anyone who doesn't have an AED, to get one. If you do have one, know where it is, know where to use it."

Car Dealership Customer Suffers SCA On Camera

Finally, if you need convincing that SCAs can happen anywhere, take a look at this story about a man who suffered a near-fatal cardiac arrest while shopping for a new car in San Antonio, Texas.

61-year-old Robert Mauricio suffered an SCA while speaking to salesman Bernie Lopez at 57 Auto Sales just prior to Christmas 2018, with the attack and subsequent CPR caught on the room’s security camera.

While 57 Auto Sales doesn’t yet have AEDs installed on its premises, this story shows how employees at car dealerships should be aware of the possibilities of an SCA occurring while they’re on premises. Management should also consider where they locate company AEDs.

Car Dealerships Can Save Lives

Get in contact with us to find how AEDs can help save lives at your car dealership.

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